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The wearable computing and IoT space is constantly evolving with a myriad of new startups emerging everyday. In this very dynamic environment, it is nearly impossible to keep track of the latest trends. 

Who should become a member of the SMWA? Startups and Entrepreneurs, VCs, media companies, major corporations, universities, colleges, and research labs, or anybody who has an interest in the wearable computing and IoT space.

Members and their employees receive many benefits, including opportunities to:


  • Receive guidance on how to successfully build a wearable computing and IoT device or solution, driven by thought leadership and industry research; and in line with our sets of standards.
  • Help create guidelines and best practices, which will help fasten the successful execution of wearable computing and IoT strategies.
  • Keep up to date on the latest trends, consumer behaviors in the wearable computing and IoT space.
  • Learn how to build wearable computing and IoT devices and solutions in order to serve a higher purpose such as fighting global warming, making our society safer and more balanced.
  • Meet key players and influencers in the wearable computing and IoT space, and forget new partnerships along the way.
  • Share your experience with others and learn from others.
  • Participate in SMWA committees. Reduce frictions and help harmonize the industry by contributing to frameworks, and helping set standards, guidelines and solve issues (privacy issues, OS/API fragmentation, etc.) in the wearable computing and IoT space.

The SMWA is here to help you grow your business, learn about key trends, be recognized as a thought leader and thought leader in the space in order to bring your business to the next level.


  • SMWA committees: SMWA members have the opportunity to be part of various chapters or committees, which creates standards, industry frameworks, best practices and guidelines. This allows members to meet other key players and influencers in the space, and be recognized as thought leaders that help the industry move forward.
  • Events: SMWA members attend SMWA global events to grow their business, connect with potential new partners, investors. They also have the opportunity to speak and create awareness about their product and vision through sponsorships. 
  • Learning center: SMWA members have the ability to access white papers, webinars, case studies about the wearable computing and IoT space. They can also submit and share their own articles through the SMWA framework.
  • Research: SMWA members can sponsor research projects, source primary and secondary research and even submit their own research papers, and reports and data. 

If you are interested in becoming a SMWA member, click here or contact membership@smartglobalalliance.com