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MC10 and Reebok team up to keep athletes safe

MC10 and Reebok team up to keep athletes safe

Earlier this year, Cambridge based wearable computing startup MC10 and Reebook unveiled the Checklight, a sports oriented protect aimed at protecting athletes from various sports such as American Football, Ice Hockey, Rugby, or other physical sports. In my opinion, this type of product has a lot of potential in sports such as the NFL as concussions has become a serious problem in this sports:

During the 2012-2013 NFL season, the league saw more than 160 players going down with a head injury. It is also worth pointing out that the league recently donated $30 million to the National institutes of Health (NIH) for brain injury research.

The problem with the Checklight, which can now available for $150, is that it is not a concussion detector, per se, but it would provide valuable information to the staff during practices or actual games in order to identify athletes in danger.

Here is a quick video presenting the Checklight:


Bottom line: Wearable computing devices can be used in many different areas, such as retail, constructions, insurance, etc..But sports is probably one of the most promising sector for wearable computing as sensors are already gaining in popularity in many sports. These sensors can be leverage in so many ways in order to create wearable computing devices like the Checklight. I expect MC10 and other similar companies like Adidas, Nike and others to take advantage of this opportunity. 

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